Welcome To Gluckman Family Trading

Gluckman is a leading red meat and poultry importer and exporter with more than 120 years of experience in serving the industry.

Gluckman operates in the world meat market sourcing and marketing various food products, including but not limited to:

All Beef Cuts and Offal’s

All Lamb Cuts and Offal’s

All Poultry Cuts and Offal’s

Dairy Products


We have a strong ongoing trading relationship with some of the largest meat producers in South and North America, Europe, and Australia. Our customers range from high-profile manufacturers and retail chains in South Africa to the food service industry in the Middle East and Asia.

Our History

The company was originally established in 1898 by Maurice and Nathan Gluckman as Gluckman Brothers Livestock Auctioneers. Success in the country towns led to a move to the Johannesburg Market in the early 1900’s, where their well-established contacts with livestock sellers around the country, and, ability to supply fluctuating demand helped fuel growth.

It was during this period that Maurice’s son Gerry, joined the company as a young man.

Gerry took over the growing business from his father and successfully steered the company through various paths of diversification, including several partnerships, all of which helped expansion. Gerry Gluckman served in various capacities including as a member of the South African Meat Board for seven years and Chairman of the of the Livestock Auctioneers Association for twenty years. He was also voted Agricultural Man of the Year in 1982.

Our Sons Join…

During the early 1970’s, the third generation followed the family tradition by joining the family business. In the early 1980’s the import division was established, taking the company in a new direction. Again, in the early 1990’s the companies export division was established.

Gluckman Family Trading was one of the first exporters of South African grain fed beef to the Middle East in 2000.

ln 2008 the 4th generation joined the company and they have been focused growing the traditional business as well as on diversification.

Our Services

Gluckman Trading operates in the world meat market as a trading house, providing a prompt response to our clients needs in all fields related to their trade.

Our Meat…

The best quality beef, lamb, sheep, and offal are sourced from a variety of suppliers, locally and internationally. Product is sourced directly from South and North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. We also source veal, beef and lamb locally for export approved producers and packers.

Poultry supply sources include local producers, abattoirs and imports from America, Europe and China. This division supplies the entire spectrum of frozen poultry products ranging from whole chicken, whole turkey, chicken and turkey parts to a full range of offals. Stock is sourced as needed on a negotiated contract or commodity broking basis, which enables the company to pass on the best price and quality advantage to the client.


Gluckman Trading is able to offer a comprehensive and competitive supply service to a broad spectrum of clients ranging from manufacturers and wholesalers to caterers and retailers.Our clients include the largest meat processors in South Africa. Some of which are major multi-national food companies.

Gluckman Trading’s recipe for success (in being able to supply any order with the required quality and quantity) lies in its talent for keeping a finger on the pulse through networking with well-established South African and international contacts in each product sector, and the flexibility to act quickly in a business governed by fluctuating supply and demand. All products are transported in temperature-controlled refrigerated trucks to conveniently located cold stores for national distribution. We supply meat slaughtered in accordance with Islamic Rights. Gluckman Trading works very closely with Halaal authorities locally and abroad.

Clearing & Forwarding

Our expertise covers not only import and export of meat but also hides and skins and pharmaceutical ingredients. Gluckman today rates as one of the most successful companies of its type in South Africa with a reputation built on superior service, transparency, the ability to efficiently and effectively meet our customers’ requirements.

Gluckman Trading is a successful family business

Our Partnered Agency

Gluckman additionally has important sole agency agreements with THE COLD STORAGE COMPANY OF ZIMBABWE – for whom the company distributes chilled and frozen deboned beef.